The Hogwarts Sorting Hat

The vaccine mandates are to the Biden administration as the Sorting Hat is to Harry Potter's Hogwarts.

Something that was once true is that Republicans traditionally opted for the idea that good policy is one that helps the most while hurting the least, the Democrats the opposite – if it helps one person, that justifies hurting many. Sadly, it is my view that over the years, the GOP has drifted more toward the Democrat’s position as they got seduced by the allure of transactional “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” politics.

As the GOP moved toward the Democrat position, the Democrats needed a new differentiator to keep their constituents from realizing the GOP was just as effective at handing out taxpayer’s money as they were, and out of that came the transition from policies based on doing good for the minority to being specifically doing harm to disfavored groups.

Transactional politics became the politics of targeted assassination.

Census data confirms that the majority of the America population identifies as “white” and surveys show that something on the order of 70% still identify as Christian. Demographically speaking, it is accurate to identify America as a majority white, Christian nation. There is logic to say that is one reason why white, Christian people dominate jobs, positions of power, are the majority attending universities, etc. – simply due to numbers, not systemic racism. The math isn’t that hard.

If we look at the supposed “enemies” of things Democrats are for - like transgenderism, gender fluidity, big government, totalitarian schools, a weak foreign policy, etc. – the majority are unsurprisingly and mathematically white and Christian or some combination thereof.

So, if you are practicing the politics of assassination, how do you get rid of those people?

The Democrats allied with a fascistic oligarchy of corporations and the far-left Marcuse Critical Theory people to adopt Harvard Law professor Derrick Bell’s philosophy of Critical Race Theory that posited that all white people are racist because they are white, all systems derived by white people are for the advancement of white people and no other race and these systems are designed to keep whites in power.

Christopher Rufo, one of the few journalists willing to vivisect Critical Race Theory and its adherents, reports that Walmart – yes, the company that has grown into a retailing money machine by selling cheap Chinese made crap – has been forcing their employees into CRT indoctrination as a condition of employment since 2018. He recently reported the training “…argues that "white supremacy culture" can be summarized in a list of qualities including "individualism," "objectivity," "paternalism," "defensiveness," "power hoarding," "right to comfort," and "worship of the written word"—which are "damaging to [people of color]."

If that sounds familiar, it is no coincidence. Most of those characteristics were listed in an exhibit at the Smithsonian a few years ago.

What it boils down to is a bunch of black academics who decided equality of opportunity wasn’t enough and “equity” – equal outcomes (but what they really want is racial preferences) have convinced a bunch of white leftists with savior complexes to lecture “…minority employees [all black Americans, actually] that they suffer from "constructed racist oppression" and "internalized racial inferiority," with internal messages such as "we believe there is something wrong with being a person of color" and "we have a sense of limited possibility."

The seduction for corporations is simple. Christopher Rufo hits the nail on the head when he notes “The formula of "woke capital" is clear: American executives—the most privileged people on the planet—can collect accolades and social status by pledging allegiance to DEI and telling workers they're racist oppressors.

Critical Theory was about economic class, but because America represents a system where economic class mobility is open to everybody, Critical Theory was useless. Race, as defined by skin color, represents a class definition that cannot be changed and was something that could be used to divide classes.

But it is not uncommon for plans or policies to be put in place that become disasters, causing chaos and generally messing everything up without ever getting close to achievement of their goal. As a matter of fact, that argument could apply to just about every government policy.

CRT is such a policy - because it makes no sense that individualism, hard work, objectivity, belief in a chain of command, organization and respecting the written word are racist, and other than the aforementioned paternalistic, patronizing leftists with white savior complexes, people are beginning to wise up to the fact that CRT is destructive for everyone, white and black alike. Parental opposition at local school board meetings are proof.

So, the Democrats are in the process of dropping CRT like a hot rock and moving on to the next opportunity to assassinate a class of opposition.

The vaccine mandates are to the Biden administration as the Sorting Hat is to Hogwarts.

Where they really could not use CRT by force, they have discovered that public health concerns can be leveraged into coercive policies enacted by both government and their friends in the fascistic oligarchy in the private sector to eliminate their enemies, most of whom are people who believe in liberty over statism. While some are simply anti-vaccine, most are people who may well personally believe in taking the vaccines, just not being subjected to coercive force in the process.

Being placed under threat of losing careers and being excluded from society are true examples of coercive force and people can be personally for getting vaccinated but against being forced to do so. Both things can be true at the same time.

Look to the argument put forward to support the vaccine/mask mandates – I see four irrational components: 1) the vaccinated must fear the unvaccinated (in other words, the vaccines work except when they don’t, 2) natural immunity after having Covid and recovering does not exist (even though it does and is scientifically proven more potent and durable than the vaxx), 3) children are at a high risk (even though the statistics show that they are not) and 4) masks work (even though the real science cannot determine there is any significant benefit to wearing the generally available designs).

Beyond pro-vaxx and anti-vaxx, these are the issues that must be resolved – and since they have not been, it seems clear this is simply a Hogwarts Sorting Hat.