An Evening of Liberty

An altar call in Summit County Utah... with a message of vigilance to all county GOP organizations across America.

To my friends in Summit County and surrounding areas - on November 10, 2021, at 7 PM, the Summit County GOP will be hosting State Representative Steve Christiansen for an evening of discussion about the Constitution, liberty, and election integrity and how we can secure and protect all three.

Prior to, during, and after the 2020 national elections, one of the most trusted institutions in America, perhaps THE most trusted, our electoral processes were thrown into veritable chaos by a combination of unconstitutional rule changes in certain states, massive and uncontrolled mailed out ballots and significant questions about vote tallying procedures across this nation. A national process once seen as largely secure and incorruptible has proven to be neither.

It is generally assumed in the Great State of Utah that our elections are sacrosanct, but be assured that there can be questions, even in our state. The former County Clerk, Democrat Kent Jones, used the excuse of Covid-19 to stop counting votes on election night, causing questions to surface about the quality and security of the counting.

Lest you think this is a national problem, please note that we in the GOP were just made aware that our County Clerk, Evelyn Furse, has unilaterally decided that Summit County will engage in a “vote by phone” pilot project as an additional method for casting votes for those who would typically file absentee ballots. In a state where we already have mail in voting and the ballots are mailed to registered voters about three weeks before election day, voting by phone certainly seems to be an unnecessary addition to Summit County’s electoral procedure.

The lack of any public announcement of this “pilot project” and the surreptitious nature of its roll-out certainly raise questions about why something supposedly so needed and useful would be done in virtual silence.

Furse, a former magistrate court judge, was appointed by the Democrat Party to fill the term of the retiring Clerk, Kent Jones, also a Democrat. Furse holds the distinction of being the first and only magistrate judge NOT to be retained in that capacity by a vote of the 11 federal District judges in Utah.

The reasons for her ouster are confidential - but most suspect it had something to do with the widespread anger and criticism from law enforcement after she ordered the release of state prison parolee Cory Lee Henderson from federal custody a few weeks before he shot and killed Unified police officer Doug Barney and wounded officer Jon Richey in January 2016.

According to a 2019 Deseret News article:

“Furse ordered Henderson to the Fortitude Treatment Center, a halfway house in Salt Lake City, after his arrest on federal drug and firearms charges. Henderson walked away from the center and later killed Barney in a shootout after a traffic accident. Police shot and killed Henderson.”

And now she oversees Summit County elections – at least until her term is up in 2022.

Not only must we be vigilant about our electoral processes, but we must also pay attention to the people behind those processes.

Representative Steve Christiansen is a stalwart supporter of both our national and state constitutions and focuses first on what builds strength for liberty rather than political advantage. He was the primary sponsor of the anti-Critical Race Theory resolution passed by the State Republican Central Committee a few months ago, a resolution calling for the honest teaching of history, good and bad. He is the host of the Restoring Liberty podcast, named after his book "Restoring Liberty: The Battle to Save Our Constitutional Republic" (with a forward by Senator Mike Lee).

Despite the efforts of Nancy Pelosi and her cabal in the US House of Representatives, elections are still the Constitutional duty and responsibility of the several states. Like charity, election integrity and security begin at home

Please join us at the Kamas branch of the Summit County Library at 110 N Main Street in Kamas, Utah 84036 for this most important evening with Representative Christiansen.

It matters.

Donations to the Summit County GOP will be greatly appreciated – and if you are a Republican living in Summit County and want to run for County Clerk, we are very interested in talking with you!