An Epidemic of Bulimia Racistova

CRTer's want Americans to believe they are all fat racists.

The goal of the progressive left is to induce a national case of racial bulimia.

Bulimia nervosa is an eating and psychological disorder, the victims of which fear being fat and often go to life-threatening lengths to rid themselves of “excess calories”. No matter how thin bulimics get, when they look in a mirror, they see an overweight person.

Bulimia racistova is a propaganda consumption and psychological disorder, the victims of which fear being a racist and often go to life-threatening lengths to rid themselves of “systemic racism”.  This disorder causes its victims to look in a mirror and see a racist.

The marketing of “white supremacy” borrows much from the marketing of diet/weight loss industry.

A recent study by the Southern Connecticut State University found that:

  • Americans are dieting at the highest rate in history

  • 20-24 percent of American men and 33-40 percent of American women are actively dieting to lose weight

  • 57 percent of U.S. women are now dieting according to a national telephone survey

  • The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Over the past twenty years, the diet industry has tripled its gross annual income to approximately $60 billion

  • Girls who diet frequently are 12 times as likely to binge as girls who don’t diet

  • Over one-half of teenage girls and nearly one-third of teenage boys use unhealthy weight control behaviors (skipping meals, fasting, smoking cigarettes, vomiting, and taking laxatives).

And all they had to do for that $60 billion in revenue was to convince you that you are fat.

Imagine how much Hell someone could wreak if they only could convince you that you are a racist by using the same process.

I have been aware of Critical Race Theory for around 20 years, I found it after studying Herbert Marcuse, the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory (the baby daddy of CRT).

As it was once taught in law schools, CRT was a legitimate inquiry that simply resulted in an erroneous conclusion, namely that racism, and ONLY racism, could explain the differences on outcomes of Supreme Court rulings that mandated equal treatment for blacks and whites and the experienced differences between blacks and whites in standardized testing. Somehow, Derrick Bell and his contemporaries deduced that the racism was baked into the questions. In short, equality was not working out the way they wanted because the outcomes were not equal.

I used a car analogy yesterday. Today I have a new and improved car analogy.

This is like when two people, a black American and a white American, go into a car dealership and purchase the exact same car – same engine, options, and everything, they are totally identical, and yet after a couple of years of driving, one car exhibits far better mileage and reliability than the other. Never mind that one person lives in flatlands where weather and temperatures are mild, drives responsibly, uses the recommended octane level fuel, maintains the vehicle on schedule, keeps the tires properly inflated and rotated and never misuses it.

The other person lives in the mountains where the weather and temperatures are severe and they do none of the scheduled services, nor do they take care of the other aspects.

If we were analyzing this from an objective viewpoint, I seriously doubt any of us would peg racism as the reason for the differences in performance of the vehicles. We would deduce that environment and the personal actions of the owners were the most significant factors.

And yet the committed CRTer would go directly to the conclusion that it was racism, and only racism, that can explain the differences. They would then proceed accuse everybody from the manufacturer, the marketing people to the salesperson at the dealership of forcing the owner of the lesser performing vehicle to buy that substandard car because we just know that all these people hate all people of a particular skin color.

Does not make rational sense, does it?

Substitute economic class for race and you have the essence of the Marxist concepts in Critical Theory. That is essentially the only difference.

So much of what is being written and spoken about CRT from all sides by lay people is nothing more than a critique based on a diet book level understanding of what it really is. It is as if everybody is sold on believing “this one weird trick” is a solution for societies racial issues.

So many of the fad diets and diet books are based on junk science and hokum – the goal is not to make you thin and fit, the goal is to sell books, monthly subscriptions to streaming workout channels and weight loss products, most of which have the effectiveness of taking pills made from sawdust swept from the floor of a lumber mill.

But once they convince you that you are fat, they have you.

It is the same with those with bulimia racistova, their goal is not to cure you of racism - far from it - because there is no power or profit in a cure.

The purpose is to convince you that you see a racist every time you look in a mirror.

Once they do, they have you.

The sad thing is that many of our corporations, institutions and educators have contracted bulimia racistova.