An Administration of Apparatchiks

The lights are on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but nobody is home.

The Biden administration is filled with communist apparatchiks, commonly understood as unquestioningly loyal subordinates who exhibit no independent thought and take no actions unless sanctioned by their leader.

Look at the multitude of crises the nation faces and think about how you are seeing none of the cabinet members leading on anything, not even issues that are primarily the responsibilities of the departments of which they are in charge.

It's pretty easy to imagine a cabinet meeting with all of the Secretaries looking at each other with the old "deer in the headlights' look on their faces.

They have no idea what they are doing until someone tells them.

And who is providing that leadership?

Who is directing Mayor Pete Buttplug how to run the Department of Transportation? How about Open Borders Mayorkas? Who is telling him how to get control of the border? How about Yellin and Klain talking about how great inflation is and how banks reporting every $600 transaction isn’t spying on citizens? Think these two could run a McDonads’s with that kind of brain power?

Nobody is telling them what to do because nobody is in charge.

I know we all think that Biden doesn't have a hand on the tiller, or for that matter even knows what a tiller is and where it might be, but I'm going to advance the theory that there is no one in charge.

No one at all.

Could be why there are so many policies that run contradictory to each other, are nonsensical or have to be pulled back.

I've seen organizations where the leadership is used to a strong, decisive leader - some of these people build those kinds of organizations under them on purpose because they dislike disagreement and conflict. They like being the top dog and after a while, the puppies under the big dog get so used to being told what to do and punished for independence, they either leave or just become dependent upon the Big Guy..

That's what I'm seeing in DC now.

There are a bunch of people milling around the White House and assorted office buildings waiting for direction that isn't coming.

If you think Biden offers more clarity in person than in official events and pressers, I would like to disabuse you of that notion. From what I hear, the unscripted, interactive in-person discussions and meetings are as rare as unicorn farts.

And we are paying for this with the destruction of our culture, our borders, our laws, our economy, our military and our Constitution.

Good job independents, moderate Democrats, suburban women who hate mean tweets, NeverTrumpers, Evan McMuffin supporters, and pedophilic Lincoln Project devotees.

Good job.